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4-03-00 Skiercody has given me an idea. From now on, instead of having you download the Zap-Pack from the Download section, I will send it as an attachment via Email. But his idea was to have a Zap flag so you can use your own grave. Now all members can use their favorite grave/flag but must use one of the Zap grave/flag. The Zap-pack is gone from the Download section for good (it is better now that it is gone becouse poeple from outside the Zap clan cannot get it). If you are a member and need the Zap-Pack, Email me now and the pack will be on its way. Bye bye dudes, and have a good one!


4-01-00 Yo dudes! Guess what? I got a new member! Let us all salute to Skiercody! I have also changed the Files of the Zap Clan. From now on, all members will download a Zip file that contains a Grave and a Flag. If you are a member, send me an Email and I will replay with the Zip file! NOTE- its Zipped, so (if you do not have WinZip) go to the WinZip website, download WinZip and come back here to get the goodies. Thats about it, so see you all on the next update. Have a good one!


3-30-00 Hello everyone! Small update today. I have added a new WebPoll and the old Fakecounter. I also fixed a few broken links and corrected lots of mispelled words. The people at Team17 have added a link to my site and have given a Soft 'an Fluffy rank to it! (at least its better than 'Its Smells') I have advertised my site on WormNet and am hoping to get at least three (3) new members! Since my Email provider does not support attchements, all members must download their ZapGrave (which is required to play on WormNet) from the Downloads section. I think this is all for today, so see ya'll at the next update and have a good one!


3-22-00 BIG update today! I have no idea what happened, but my home page was deleted! That is why it has been moved over here (remeber to update your Bookmarks!). My WebPoll and Counter will be replaced shortly. I have one new meber, so lets all give a warm welcome to Hardnox! I have dumped all my plans for closing the Zap Clan, and decided to cancel the construction of my Starcraft site. I have also changed a someting in the Zap Clan, and from now on there will be no more Rank Flags (too hard too keep up with). A "I am in the Zap Clan" grave will be used. I am holding back on files until the next update. I think this is all for today, so REMEMBER TO UPDATED YOUR BOOKMARKS! Thanks for visiting and I am sorry for all the hassle that has been happening around here.


3-17-00 Yeah, yeah, yeah... I have not updated in a while. A few new things today. I got a new counter and a new WebPoll! Go check them out! I am thinking of closing the Zap Clan due to a LOW amount af members, but I will think twice. I am currently working on a Starcraft site (one of my favorite games!), so it will be long until my next update. So see you guys later and thanks for visiting!


3-09-00 A tiny update today, I have opened a page of links and am waiting for your links. Two new file have been added, a Fort scheme and a Fort map (download them today!). That's all for today folks, so thanks for visiting!


3-04-00 A few new things today. I got a brand new and cool looking logo and also a new member, CommanderSpadge. I also changed the background of the Worm Hole. I am thinking of putting up a Links page, but I will do that later on. I have also fixed up a couple of broken images and links. New files have been added also. Thanks for visiting!


3-01-00 Not much happened here. I have activated the Zap Clan and already have one new member, SpikyWorm. There is also a Rank site where all of the ranks awarded are shown with their description. A few more files have been added to the Download section. I got a grave and a Brazilian flag. So enjoy your day and thanks for visiting!


2-25-00 Good day everyone! This is the first news message of The Worm Hole. I just want to remind everyone that in here you will find all sorts of things for Worms: Armageddon, like maps, scheems, graves, flags, etc. I also have a clan. Sign-up forms are up and waiting for you, and you only, to sign up. Keep in mind that members of the Zap clan get special files for your team. And for this message beeing the first one, I must thank Dexter345 for helping me out on my awesome logo. Thanks Dexter345!! Visit his Shepherd's Delight site right HERE.

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